Meet Rachel Brown

Following her graduation from the prestigious University of Richmond, she will be embarking on a career as a professional dancer in NYC. Not only is she talented and smart, she is also dedicated to the welfare of our community’s next generation. She is most certainly a prime example of a true #OUTREWOMAN.

Read on to learn more about this rising star’s accomplishments and future plans:
Meet Rachel Brown Professional Dancer OutreTalks

Q: What did you study at the University of Richmond?
A: I created my major in Interdisciplinary Studies where my topic was Social Entrepreneurship. I also minored in Dance and had a concentration in Arts Management.

Q:What are your plans now that you’ve graduated?
A: Since graduating, I have been signed to a talent agency in NYC and will be pursuing a career as a commercial dancer.

Q:What inspired you to start up a dance program at the Boys & Girls Club?
A: During my time at the University of Richmond, I was a member of the Bonner Scholars program in which I along with 99 other students (there are 25 Bonners in each class) had the opportunity to serve at an organization for all four years of college. I found the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club after they attended a non-profit fair on campus during my first semester and later that year I committed to serving there approximately 10 hours per week for the next 3.5 years. Once acclimated, I knew they wanted to grow their performing arts program so as a dancer and teacher, I was excited to take the opportunity to bring something new and meaningful to such a deserving organization.

Q:How were you able to accomplish your goals?  Was there anyone who helped you along the way?
A: I definitely accomplished my goals with the help of very supportive Bonner staff, my family, my peers, and the staff at the Boys and Girls Club. Everyone that knew what I was doing encouraged me to continue, and as a result, I learned more about myself than I had previously known. One friend in particular, Isaiah Bailey, was a fellow Bonner and when he joined me about a year and half later, his presence and wisdom definitely helped guide the program in a great direction as well.

Q:How do you usually wear your hair?
A: My hair is natural however, I mix it up between braids and weave mainly to maintain the health of my hair since I tend to sweat a lot from being so active, and by not having to put heat on it directly and washing it less often, it is much healthier in the long run. And also because my alter ego is Beyonce so I’ve got to rock the long locks to live up to her!

Q:How do you maintain your hair while dancing?  Do you have any tips or tricks to share?
A: One tip for those with both natural hair or weaves, is to pin your hair up while exercising. I will usually put my hair up in pin curls while I’m in rehearsals as to not sweat it out and so when I leave I can let them down and you would never know that I just finished sweating!

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