Stylist Talk: Brandan Combs

Meet Brandan Combs (a.k.a. B. Combs).  For the past fifteen years, he has dedicated his time and energy doing what he loves — transforming women to look and feel beautiful, inside and out.  He got started doing hair and makeup for his friends and family for fun, but he quickly realized that this was his true passion, and went on to pursue it.

For the past year now, as one of Outre’s top platform artists, B. Combs has been showcasing his styling techniques at events all across America and Jamaica.  The work that he does always looks polished, whether it’s a simple, sophisticated style or something more funky and edgy.  To him, hair is his medium for creating art, and his clients are his canvases.

stylist interview with Outre event stylist Brandan Combs to talk about hair maintenance and his favorite Simply Brazilian hair from Outre

1. What is your favorite part about being a stylist?
My favorite part about being a stylist is the transformation of my client.

2. Where do you get your inspiration?
I pull my inspiration from Designers, trends, and the love of self.

3. Who is your hairstyle icon?
Vidal Sassoon and Kim Kimble

4. What’s your favorite Outre Product to use?
The Simply Brazilian Hair by Outre is my favorite. It’s easy to work with and allows my clients to achieve a look that is on trend for today.

5. Could you share your top maintenance tips with us?
Always, wrap your hair with a silk or satin cap before going to bed; this will prevent breakage and shedding. I also suggest deep conditioning your weave after and between every install to keep it looking fresh.
Argan oil and Moroccan oil are two products I suggest that will not weigh the hair down. However, it will maintain a natural sheen.

6. Which hairstyles or hair colors do you predict will be popular this spring?
The hair color trend that I am predicting will continue to be a major hit is Ombre look with the Brunette roots and blonde or Auburn ends.

7. What is the difference between “good hair” and “bad hair”?
I do not believe in the terms “good hair” or “bad hair”, the hair is defined by the treatment the person gives it. If you treat your hair well, it will be good to you. There will not be any shedding, breakage, or dry hair problems.

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