How To: Achieve Every “Formation” Style

Empowering and inspiring, Beyonce (yet again) takes on the world with style, grace, and the most epic hair, as seen in her latest video: “Formation.” From start to finish, the Queen takes us through five minutes of black culture, all while slaying hairstyles to compliment every scene and outfit. For those of you who need to know how to recreate those looks, look no further.

Read on to learn how you can achieve each of the hairstyles featured in “Formation” using #OutreHair.

Effortless Curls
Did you wake up to slay today? Achieve this “I woke up like this” look with our Simply Natural Curly bundle hair. After installing this curly weave, tie or pin it up in a messy do and, “twirl on them haters.” With hair this easy, it’s really effortless.

Braided Goddess
Transform yourself into a braided goddess with extra long microbraids flowing out the window of your car, and some fabulous fur to boot. To get this look, we recommend using the #1 recommended braiding hair in the world, X-Pression. Designed soft and lightweight for zero tugging or pulling on your own scalp, X-Pression was made for whipping back & forth. Oh, and it’s also available in a range of blonde colorations so you can match the Queen.

Caged Bun
While twirling her umbrella in a tight corset, Bey’s unique caged bun look stole the show. To capture this look yourself, try our Timeless Bun. Simply pull your own hair back, and attach the bun piece to your own, for a simple, yet sleek & chic look. Lastly, carefully wrap a hairnet over the bun to finish off the look.

Drop Dead Pigtails
Get those drop dead gorgeous extra extra long braided pigtails with our X-Pression braiding hair (and a stylish wide-brimmed fedora). 82 inches of long, simple cornrow the braiding hair into your own hair, and continue braiding the hair down as long as you desire.

Queen Bey’s Crown
Finally the Queen gets her crown except this time, it’s a braided one. To get this look, braid your hair into pigtails, adding the braiding hair as needed. Afterwards, pin the two braided tails around your head to form the crown. And voila.

Throwback Blow Out
Beyonce throws us #TBT look with her and her crew rocking denim and all that fluffy, voluminous hair. To get this look, install our X-Pression Cuevana Twist using the crochet method, and blow out the hair using a blow dryer, so that the texture becomes kinky straight. Then, simply give yourself (or ask your stylist to give you) a blunt shoulder-length cut.

Curly Afro
“I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros.” Capture Bey’s final hairstyles using our Velvet Brazilian Kinky Curl weave. First, install the hair, then fluff it out to create volume. And last but not least, go grab yourself a sheer purple shirt to complete the look.

Repeat these words: “I dream it, I work hard, I grind ‘til I own it!” Keep stunting ladies, and follow this “Formation” while flawlessly trying all these different styles. After styling and before you go out to slay, make sure you snap a picture and tag us (#outrehair #formationhair) on Instagram. “Okay, ladies, now let’s get in formation.” :-*


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