Style of the Month: Velvet Tri-Curl

Instead of going for the typical mono-textured hairstyle, we decided to venture off and try out three!  We’ve taken the classic curly bob style and updated it using three different curl patterns.  This contemporary version of the curly bob was created using: Velvet 3PCS Retro Curl, Velvet 3PCS Luxy Wave, and Velvet Euro Deep 10S”.  Check out our step-by-step tutorial to see how we created this month’s Style of the Month!

How to create a chic curly Bob style using Outre's three different styles by Velvet
STEP 1 Begin with our Velvet 3pcs Retro Curl Color #2. Apply 3-4 rows in a straight line across the nape area. Continue to apply the tracks of the Retro Curl upward as shown below.
*You may apply as many tracks as you want depending on how full you want the style

STEP 2 Take our Velvet 3pcs Luxy Wave Color #4 and apply it along the edges from one side to the other. Make sure that the Luxy Wave overlaps the Retro Curl evenly and naturally. Then, fill in 3-4 tracks of our Luxy Wave on each side following the guideline to give the style more volume.

STEP 3 Continue to apply the tracks of Luxy Wave, building it up towards the top of the head. Be sure to keep a rounded curve, following the shape of the head for a natural-looking style.

STEP 4 Apply 2 more tracks at the top back of the head, as shown below. Now would be a good time to mark the crown of the head!
*For more volume, add more tracks and lay them closer together.

STEP 5 Next, take our Velvet Euro Deep 10S” Color #30 and apply it all around the head, from one end to the other, close to the previous track. Then apply smaller tracks on both sides (as shown below) to add volume and begin the steps to the final style.

STEP 6 To create a natural right-side part, begin to apply smaller tracks starting from the left side, as shown below. This will help direct the hair at the parted area.

STEP 7 Take a small 2” piece and create a bend at the middle to create a part. Then apply it right above the connecting point, as shown below. Repeat this technique using longer tracks each time to build volume at the parted area.
*Be sure to lay them closely together.

STEP 8 Continue towards the center by laying tracks towards the marked crown area until you are left with a pea-sized opening to close. To make the closure piece, take a 1” wide piece of the track and apply a very thin layer of glue on both sides. Roll it up in a tube, and fit it inside the pea-sized opening. Once it is inside the opening, spread the hair outwards, and press it down firmly to flatten.
*Be sure to add tracks in between the layers as you work up towards the crown point.

STEP 9 For the finishing touch, trim the (longer) right side to balance the lengths of both sides. Then, curl and style as you desire.
*You can smooth out the top of the hair using a flat iron.
*When styling and combing, always direct the hair away from the face.

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