How To: Make a Curly Stocking Cap Wig

Due to popular demand, we re-created the same style we shot for our most recent Simply Perfect photo shoot into a stocking cap wig. We call this look: “Simply Natural.” It’s a gorgeous, full layered style with side bangs for added appeal. To create this look, our wig stylist expertly placed each track on the cap so that the overall look would be luscious and full. Using only one pack of the new Simply Perfect 7, she had more than enough hair to complete the style.

Follow our step-by-step tutorial to create this look for yourself.

What you will need:

    • Simply Perfect 7 Natural Curly 14/14/16/16/18/18
    • Stocking Cap
    • Bonding Glue
    • Shears

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Step 1
a. Starting from the nape area and moving upwards, closely lay 4-5 rows of 18” hair to allow for fuller volume at the start.
b. Then, continue laying the remaining 18” hair, leaving more space in-between the tracks.

Step 2
Next, use the 16” length hair and continue laying the tracks, keeping the U-shape throughout each layer until you reach above temple area as shown.

Step 3
a. Mark the crown point about 2-3” from the hairline, and then apply 2-3 rows of the remaining 16” hair to fill-in the back for volume and balance.
b. Next, take the 14” hair and start applying from one side to the other, as shown.

Step 4
a. Place 3-4 tracks closely together at the front bang area, working your way up towards the crown until the crown point is at the very center.
b. Continue laying closely in a circular pattern until you are left with just enough space to attach the free closure piece.

Step 5
Take the closure piece and cut away the excess lace around the edges. Before placing it on, be sure to apply a thin layer of bonding glue on both the open area and on the base of the closure piece. Wait a few minutes then place the closure piece, as shown. Be careful so that the glue does not run on the hair!

Step 6
a. Finger comb and create a left parting by directing the hair away from the face, as shown.
Note: You can create a parting of your choice according to the style you wish to create. (Right, Left or Center!)
b. Then, trim the fringe area at an angle to frame your face, and finger the curls to style.

Note: If you would like to bleach and dye the hair, we recommend natural brown color for the best results. Please also consult a professional colorist for their advice. 

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