Style of the Month: Overswept Short-Stacked Style

Spring is finally here!
Time to let go of the heavy layers, and release your inner vixen.
Be bold, be fierce, & go short.

Were your long locks keeping you warm this winter? Well, now that the sun’s shining, we think it’s time for the big chop… or simply, a shorter weave. This short overswept look can easily be created with a cap weave, bonding glue, and Outre’s Tara 2, 4, 6 in a gorgeous burgundy coloration (Color: 950). Follow our how-to guide to recreate this style yourself below:

What You Will Need:

  • Stocking Cap
  • Bonding Glue
  • Shears
  • Tara 246 Color 950

how to create a unique short style stocking cap weave with Velvet Tara Burgundy color

Step 1:
Begin placing 2-3 rows of 2” Tara at the nape.
Continue along the cap line up to the ear & lower part of the back of the head.
Then, lay the remaining 2” Tara above the ears, along each side as shown.

Step 2:
The short 2” Tara should fringe around the edges of the face as shown.
Then, begin placing the 4” Tara in the back, from one side to the other, until you reach the level of the temples.

Step 3:
Continue laying 4” Tara in a “horseshoe” pattern until you are left with an open front and top area, as shown.
Leave about 8 inches of 4” Tara for later.

Step 4:
Using the 6” track, place the first two tracks in the reversed curl direction, as shown.
Then, lay a few tracks at the center to create a wedge point, as illustrated. Follow the V-shaped wedge line and place the tracks close to each other, towards the crown. Be sure to alternate the curls’ direction – forward & reversed.

Step 5:
To build up the volume in the front near the bangs, keep alternating the curl direction (forward & reversed) layer by layer.

Step 6:
Beginning with the track that is in the forward curl direction, continue applying tracks towards the crown area, filling in the spaces from each side as shown until you are left with small round area.

Step 7:
Continue going around in a circle until you are left with small pea-sized area for your final closure piece.

Finished Style:
You can direct the overswept hair at the front to go in either direction to style. Be creative! Use spritz or holding spray, and curl and trim the hair as your desire.

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