How To: Use a Flat Iron to Create Romantic Curls

How To: Use a Flat Iron to Create Romantic Curls

Love is in the hair this Valentine’s Day with the most perfect romantic curls a girl could ever ask for. Follow our tutorial below to learn how to curl your weave like we did using a flat iron.

First, using our Premium New Yaki 100% Human Hair weave, we created a lovely layered style, mixing two colors for depth and contrast. Then, we curled the weave using a flat iron to create perfectly romantic curls. Last but not least, we trimmed and styled the wig to frame the face.

Here’s how we did it:

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how to use a flat iron to create romantic curls

Step 1
Gently brush your weave with a soft paddle brush to smooth the hair out.

Step 2
Using a parting comb, take a section (about 1” wide) of the weave from the right side of your face (or the mannequin head). And then, spritz a heat protectant spray on the weave to prepare it for curling.

Step 3
Beginning at the top of your weave, near the weft, wrap the section around the flat iron in away from you (or the mannequin head). Then, hold onto the end of that sectioned piece, and gently open and close the flat iron, working your way down. Repeat Steps 2 & 3 to finish curling the whole right side.

Step 4
Apply the same method to the left side of your weave. And be sure to curl your weave in away from you on this side as well.

After curling, trim the front fringe at an angle beginning at the chin, so that it frames your face perfectly. Do the same for the other side.


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