How To: Apply Lace Closure On a U Part Wig

Lace closures are specially designed hairpieces that complete a full style, whether you’re creating a wig or installing a weave. It’s a simple solution for a flawless finish. The Simply Brazilian Lace Parting Piece is made with a soft lace base for an undetectable look, and comes in 16” in length so it can be customized to fit any style. We designed this closure to be versatile and flexible in styling, so you can attach it on either side of your head, or in the center to create the perfect look for you. You can even cut the center part and leave your own hair out for an even more natural-looking finish.

Read on to learn how to apply this lace closure on a U-Part Wig in our step-by-step guide below:

how to apply lace closure on a u-part wig
Note: We applied the closure in this tutorial on a stocking cap u-part wig. But this method is also suitable for sewing onto your braids directly.

Step 1
Position the lace closure onto your head/mannequin head where you would like to create your part. And then use bonding glue or a white pencil to outline around the lace closure to make sure you have room to lay the closure exactly where you want it to be.

Step 2
Fold the extra lace. Do not cut the extra lace. (The folded extra lace is where you can sew the lace closure and secure it onto the u-part wig.) And then, using a sewing needle and thread, begin to sew around the perimeter of the lace closure to connect the closure and u-part wig together. Make sure to pull the thread securely to lay the closure down as flat as possible.
Note: You can finish your u-part wig first and then start sewing the closure, or vice versa.

Step 3
After you finish sewing the closure down, turn the wig inside-out, and cut the part of the stocking cap/dome cap that is now covered by the closure from middle and trim away.

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