How to Activate Your Wet & Wavy Weave

Dive deep into the depths of luxurious strands with Velvet Remi’s newest collection of Wet & Wavy hair. Made with the finest 100% Remi Human Hair, the hair comes in a sleek straight Yaki texture, and transforms effortlessly to natural curls when wet. Designed for longer lasting wear, indulge in the versatility of two styles in one with Velvet Wet & Wavy.

Transform your look in seconds with this perfect protective style for the final days of summer. First, install your weave (or create your quickweave), then, activate the curls with these easy to follow steps.

How to Wet & Wavy

Step 1
Use a soft paddle brush to brush out any tangles.

Step 2
Taking one section of hair at a time, spray a mixture of water and conditioner onto the hair (mostly water with a dash of conditioner).

Step 3
After spraying each section, scrunch the hair to activate the curls. Repeat the above steps throughout the hair.

Step 4
Brush the wet activated curls with a soft wet brush to tame stray hair strands. Scrunch hair from the bottom to liven up the curls and let the hair air dry.

Step 5
Apply little natural oil or serum when fully dry for luster.

It’s as easy as that. For 2 glamorous styles in 1, Velvet Wet & Wavy offers easy versatility, and long-lasting wear.

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