2-in-1 Duby Hairstyles

The one & only DUBY hair by Outre was designed for endless hairstyling creativity and time-saving convenience. This month’s step-by-step guide features two different asymmetrical DUBY hairstyles using our newest Premium DUBY 10” hair.

As one of our best selling and most loved hair items, DUBY revolutionized the industry. With its unique package design, DUBY’s pre-curved ends are carefully preserved for you to unravel and style as you desire. From short bob styles, to flipped out funky do’s, to swooped bangs, any hairstyle is possible with DUBY hair.

Read on to learn how to recreate these chic DUBY hairstyles.

What You Will Need:

how to create bob style with Duby hair

Step 1
Starting from the nape, lay 3 rows of the DUBY 8” track from side to side, until right below the ear.
Step 2
Leaving part of left side open for the longer length hair, continue laying the DUBY 8” tracks on the right side up to the temple area. Lay each row along a diagonal line as shown, leaving the left side openAs shown.
Step 3
Start laying rows of DUBY 10” and fill in the open left area up to the same level as the right side.
Step 4
Continuing with DUBY 10”, begin laying 2-3 rows from the front left side to the right side as shown in diagram on the left. This will give more volume on the longer side for a swooped bang effect. Afterwards, mark the crown position as shown in diagram on the right.
Step 5
Glue down a small piece of the track while splitting the hair apart at the center of the piece to create a part area. Then place tracks in a slanted V shape one over the other at the part, directing the hair to the right and to the left.
Step 6
Place additional tracks to create volume for the swooped bang. Then, place a small track in the other direction to overlap and cover the tracks at the part. You will repeat this a few more times working up to the crown area.
Step 7
Continue applying tracks in a circular motion towards the crown point, until you are left with pea-sized area to finish the crown.
Step 8
To create a perfect crown finish, take a small piece of weft and apply a thin layer of glue on both sides of the weft. Roll the weft and place it in the open area and press the hair down in all directions so that it lays flat.
Note: Make sure to dab a little glue at the opening for an extra strong hold.
Final Style #1: Asymmetrical Signature DUBY
Voila! You just created an Asymmetrical Signature DUBY style. DUBY’s signature pre-curved ends gives you a natural-looking bump for this elegant style. No need to cut or curl the hair – simply run your fingers through it and wear it just as it is.

Quick Weave Tutorial using Duby Hair

If you want to try something a little more daring & bold, continue with the steps below to create an Asymmetrical Feathered DUBY style.

Step 9
Begin trimming the hair from the back center.
a) For the longer left side, begin cutting in a more downward slant from down the neckline, making sure not to cut the length of the hair around the front.
b) For a shorter right side, start trimming in a slightly slanted direction down the neckline from the same back center position.
Step 10
Take the fringe around the face on longer side, and begin trimming downward from nose to chin to create a swooped bang. Then, do the same for the shorter side.
Note: Do not cut hair at the side near the frame of the face.
Step 11
Using a ceramic flat iron, apply or spray a heat protector on the hair, then curve the bang gently backwards to create that beautiful feathered look.
Final Style #2: Asymmetrical Feathered DUBY
This Asymmetrical Feathered DUBY style is super chic & fresh – a perfect style to start the new year off.

These are just two of the many different hairstyles you can create using Outre’s DUBY hair. Available in lengths from 6” to now 10”, creative styling possibilities are simply endless with DUBY. We just showed you how we DUBY, now it’s your turn! Show us how you DUBY and tag #HowDoYouDUBY on Instagram. 😉

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