NYC Street Style // Meet Shavonne Marshall-Wells

Outre is out and about on the look out for the style mavens of NYC. This week we hit the streets of Chelsea on a hunt for bold and unique hairstyles and fashion.

Meet Shavonne

Shavonne’s hair is bright purple, with a sharp undercut – it’s funky, with an edge. What we like most about her look is how she paired this very bold hairstyle, with more understated, minimalist fashion.


What inspired your style today?

A: Well, today I had a photo shoot, but I also had jury duty, and I had to be prepared for an interview at school. So, today I served a rock star / business casual look.


What inspired your hair?

A: My hair was stressed at first – it was very damaged. I was going through a lot and too many people around me were stressing me out. I wanted something edgy and wanted a whole new look anyway. I wanted to represent who I am in my Instagram. My favorite color is purple and I am always surrounded by purple everything.


How often do you switch your hairstyle?

A: This is actually the longest I’ve kept a hairstyle. So, I cut my hair and dyed it in May. Before this hair, I was really blonde and rocked a lot of bobs. I was obsessed with the bob!

How do you maintain your color treated hair?

A: So, for me, I am obsessed with barbershops. I love being in the barber’s chair, so I go to the barber every other week. For maintaining the color, I’ve always made my own hair conditioners out of food – mayonnaise, eggs, avocado, honey, banana etc. Whatever is around me, it’s going to be conditioner for the day. I also trim my hair a lot. I haven’t had any breakage or any problem with breakage. I take good care of my hair.


Love her style? Be sure to follow Shavonne @CompetitionKiller for hair & fashion inspiration. <3

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