Outre Hair 101: What is Synthetic Hair?

Synthetic hair today is not the same synthetic hair of yesterday. With advancements in technology and manufacturing, Outre’s synthetic hair products have improved so that they are functioning almost just the same as human hair. From the realistic look & feel, to heat styling functionalities, our synthetic hair has become a true alternative to human hair.

Read on to learn more about what our synthetic hair is made of and what makes them special.

outre hair 101 - what is synthetic hair

Q. What is synthetic hair made of?
Synthetic hair is made of different kinds of fibers. Some fibers are for wigs and weaving, and others are for braiding hair. When developing synthetic hair products, in order to come up with the right texture, appearance, and features, the different fibers must be blended very carefully. The blends that we have developed ensures that the hair looks, feels, and acts just like human hair. The two most popular brand of fibers that are used are from Kanekalon (which include Modacrylic and Futura fibers) and Toyokalon (which includes PVC fibers).

Q. What’s special about Batik and Batik Duo premium fibers?
Batik and Batik Duo are our collections of synthetic hair products. Our Batik products ranges from weaving, wigs, and braiding hair, while Batik Duo products are our one-pack-solution of weaving hair.

Batik and Batik Duo are each made of a unique composition of high quality synthetic fibers, which allows the hair to look and feel like human hair. With the development of heat-resistant fibers, our Batik and Batik Duo collections now offer styling possibilities with heat tools up to 350-400°F. This means you can style the hair just as you would with human hair!
Note: Please be sure to look for the heat resistant icon on the package before styling the hair with heat tools!
heat resistant fiber icon

Q. What are some pros and cons of synthetic hair?
More Style and Texture Options
Great Curl Retention for Lasting Curls
Affordable Cost
Great for Quick Change of Styles
Wide Range of Color Options

Short Term Use
Not All Products Can be Styled with Heat

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  • Found this website to be extremely informative. I’ve worn Outre wigs and have always enjoyed how well they wear and kept their texture.

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