Sheet Roll Technology is an innovative new concept for pre-styled weaving hair. Designed to preserve the curve and quality of the hair inside, Sheet Roll Technology offers easier installation & styling for both stylists and users alike.

Outre hair 101 What is sheet roll technology

How It Works:
Hair is carefully rolled onto a plastic mylar sheet to hold its form giving you perfectly curved hair with a long-lasting bounce. This unique package structure not only shapes the hair, it also preserves the curve, quality and luster inside the protective sheet.

For the longer 8” & 10” lengths, the hair is doubly protected with a plastic cylinder tube for extra support. Each 8” pack comes with 10 weft strips per pack, and each 10” pack comes with 9 weft strips per pack.

For the shorter 36pcs (2”-4”-6”) & 44pcs (2”-3”-4”) hair, each pack comes with 3 tubes – one per length. In our 36pcs pack, there are 14 2” strips, 10 4” strips, and 12 6” strips. In our 44pcs pack, there are 13 2” strips, 15 3” strips, and 16 4” strips.

>> Perfectly Curved Hair
>> Natural Luster
>> Long-Lasting Bounce

Styling trendy short looks, from bobs to pixie cuts, has become even easier and more creative with Velvet Brazilian Roll-up. With the various lengths & colors offered, we encourage mixing & matching to create extra dimension and flair.

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