Outre Hair 101: What is Argan Oil Smooth?

GEM is more than just a precious stone, it’s also the newest collection of Argan Oil-enhanced 100% Human Hair by Outre.  Available in a range of colors and lengths, GEM will give you sleek and shiny hair that’s so soft to the touch.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of GEM’s Argan Oil Smooth feature.


Designed Argan Oil Smooth, the hair is naturally enhanced so that it is healthier, stronger, and will hold curls for longer.  This is because two of the main nutrients in Argan Oil include fatty acids and vitamin E, which are key for a frizz-free finish.  So, with our Argan Oil Smooth GEM, you won’t have to keep running to a mirror to check up on your hair on those hot and humid days, nor will you have to spend time re-curling and re-styling your ‘do.

This new 100% Human Hair is bound to be your next go-to, must-have weave hair.  Whether you want to wear it sleek straight out of the pack, or you’re vying to recreate your favorite celeb-inspired styles for a statement look, like those bouncy Olivia Pope-esque curls, GEM’s the one for you.  It’s the hair that’s made to bring out your sparkle, without maxing you out.  Glamour is priceless with GEM. 😉

Show us how you sparkle with #GEMhair by tagging us on Instagram with your finished style, and you’ll have a chance to WIN free hair.


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