Outre Hair 101: 3 Different Yaki Textures with Velvet Brazilian

Discover your YAKIMatch with our Velvet Brazilian hair.  Every woman has a different hair texture, whether her hair is relaxed, or is natural and straightened with a flat iron.  Since Velvet Brazilian offers 3 different Yaki hair textures, you can find the one that will perfectly match your own hair for a seamless, natural-looking style.  And as an added bonus, the hair curls & holds beautifully, and has the most gorgeous, healthy luster.

Velvet Brazilian yaki texture

Velvet Brazilian YAKI:

  • This hair has the lightest Yaki texture, and it feels more silky to the touch.

Velvet Brazilian NATURAL YAKI:

  • This hair has a medium Yaki texture, so you can see the crimps in the hair, but it is very subtle.

Velvet Brazilian PERM YAKI:

  • This hair is the most coarse-looking Yaki texture.  Although it may look coarse, it feels soft & smooth to the touch.  And when you apply heat to it (either flat ironing or curling the hair), the fullness of the hair will smooth down beautifully.

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    • Hey Shantrice!

      You can get our Velvet Brazilian hair at your nearest beauty supply store, or online beauty retailer. 🙂

    • Hi Lisa,

      The hair is actually available in other colors. So there is no need to color the hair again 🙂

  • Please i saw a velvet Brazillian Silky on your website. is it different from these ones mentioned? if yes, kindly explain what differs it from the Yaki light.

    • Hi Jones,

      Yaki has slightly crimp texture. You can think of the texture when you flat iron your hair. Silky texture is for people who wants the bone straight look and it’s very smooth and doesn’t come with crimp textures.

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