Style of the Month: Asymmetrical Bob + Sleek Bangs

You don’t always have to be symmetrical.  
Explore your wild side.  
Be asymmetrical.

Instead of following what everyone else is saying, doing or wearing, embrace your own unique self and express it in your own way.  March to the beat of your own drum this month with an edgy asymmetrical bob, and sleek bangs.  Here’s our how-to for creating this unique hairstyle, using a glue-on cap weave method.

What You Will Need: 

  • Stocking Cap
  • Bonding Glue
  • Flat Iron
  • 1 Pack of Velvet Yaki
  • 1 Pack of Velvet Duby

how to create asymmetrical bob with sleek bangs using Velvet Remi and Duby from Outre Hair Collection

Step 1:
Set your stocking cap on the head.  And beginning around the nape of the neck, lay the first track of VELVET DUBY straight across, and work your way upwards for about 4 rows.

Step 2:
Continue laying tracks of VELVET DUBY upwards on the right side of the head, up to the temple area, leaving the left side open as shown.

Step 3:
Now, using VELVET Yaki 14”, begin laying the tracks on the left side, and continue upwards, to the temple area, as shown.

Step 4:
Cut a few shorter pieces of VELVET Yaki 14” about 2-3” wide and attach it above the front left side of the forehead to create a curved hairline.

Step 5:
Begin laying the front bang pieces using VELVET DUBY. Lay about 3-4 layers, moving towards the crown of the head. Leave the longer left side open as shown.

Step 6:
Using VELVET Yaki 14”, begin on the front right side of the head, and lay the track down following a circular motion towards the crown area, making sure to connect the ends of the tracks on the left side of the bang. Continue this motion moving closer to the crown area, until you are left with a perfect circle around the crown.

Step 7:
Then, keep laying the track around in a winding circle, until you are left with a small pea-sized opening for the closing piece.

Step 8:
To make the closure piece, take a 1” wide piece of the track and apply a very thin layer of glue on both sides. Roll it up in a tube, and fit it inside the pea-sized opening. Once it is inside the opening, spread the hair outwards, and press it down firmly to flatten.

Step 9:
Trim off any short pieces of hair that are sticking out near the crown, but make sure not to over trim! Then, press the crown down with heat to smooth over the top.

Step 10:
This is what the wig should look like after all the pieces have been glued, before cutting. Now it’s time to style the wig!

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