How To: Use a Weft Sealer

How To: Use a Weft Sealer

We’ve all faced the dread of hair shedding from our weaves. But there is a solution: a weft sealer! So, what is a weft sealer? A weft sealer is an adhesive that is safe to use on your wefts (aka tracks). It helps prevent hair from shedding from the weft by providing an extra secure hold. Read on to see how easy it is to use!

What is a weft sealer and how to use a weft sealer to prevent weave hair from shedding Step 1 Lay the dry hair out on a towel (or newspaper).
Step 2 Comb the hair down, so you don’t seal the hair onto the wefts!
Step 3 Gently brush a thin layer of the weft sealer directly onto the weft.
Step 4 After letting the sealer dry completely, flip the hair over, and repeat Steps 2 & 3 on the other side of the weft.

*Don’t forget to apply some of the sealer onto the ends of the wefts!
*Let the sealer dry completely before installing your weave!
*For extra security, you can add another layer of weft sealer over the first.
*If you get the sealer on the hair, use alcohol to wipe it off before it dries!

Have you ever tried using a weft sealer to secure your wefts? Comment below telling us about your experience!

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