How to: Wet & Wavy a Weave

How to: Wet  Wavy  Weave


Don’t be afraid to make a splash! The beauty of wet & wavy hair lies in the freedom you have to live life fearlessly. No need to fear a rainy day, or splashing water from the pool! The moisture can be used to activate the hair’s natural curls for a head of gorgeous waves.

Follow our step-by-step guide below for proper instructions on how to wet & wavy a weave: how to activate your wet & wavy hair with Outre Duvessa Indian Remi

Step 1: Soak the hair in lukewarm water (not the weft).
Step 2: Gently scrunch hair from bottom-up to activate the curls.
Step 3: Squeeze excess water from hair and pat dry with a clean towel.
Step 4: Carefully unfold tracks and let it air dry naturally.
Step 5: Spray leave-in conditioner on the tips while the hair is still damp.
Step 6: Style the hair when it is fully dry.

*For better results, we recommend activating the curls before you install the hair.
*You can always use a flat iron to style the hair straight. 🙂

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