How To: Versatile Pixie Cut Quick Weave Tutorial

Unleash your styling creativity with Velvet Brazilian Roll-up. Designed using the patent-pending Sheet Roll Technology, Velvet Brazilian Roll-up is an innovative new concept for flawlessly preserved pre-curved hair. This month, we created a pixie cut cap weave, and styled it in 4 different ways.

Read on to learn how to get this look…

How to versatile pixie cut quick weave tutorial

What you will need: 

  • Velvet Brazilian Roll-up 36pcs Color 1B
  • Velvet Brazilian Roll-up 36pcs Color BU
  • Bonding glue
  • Stocking cap
  • Shears

Step 1
Beginning with the 2” hair (Color 1B), apply glue to the track, with the flip of the hair going inside. Then, glue the first few tracks onto the wig cap closely together, starting at the bottom of the nape.

Step 2
Continue working your way up with the 2” hair (Color 1B), until you reach halfway up the back of the head.

Step 3
On the right side, glue the 4” hair (Color 1B) to connect with the 2” hair on the left side. Continue building up the 2” hair on the left side, and connect the 4” hair on the right side until you reach the temple area.

Step 4
Add the last few tracks of the 2” hair on the left side until you reach the parting area.

Step 5
Once you reach the parting, add a 4” (Color 1B) piece to the end of the 2” inch (Color 1B) hair near the edge of the hairline to create bangs.

Step 6
Next, use the 4” hair (Color BU), and connect the 2” track with the 4” track (Color BU) to add more volume at the back.

Step 7
Cover the remaining space on the right side of the mannequin head with 3 tracks of the 6” hair (Color 1B).

Step 8
Using the 6” hair (Color BU), add 3 more tracks, gluing the last track around the front of the head to add more bangs.

Step 9
Then, add two tracks of the 6” hair (Color 1B) and one more track of the 6” hair (Color BU) to create smooth transitions between the two colors.

Step 10
To create a heavy swoop bang look, alternate one track of the 6” hair (Color 1B) with the hair flipping outwards, and another track of the 6” hair (Color BU) with the color flipping inwards. Continue alternating between the two colors around the crown area.

Step 11
Repeat Step 10, building up the bang area until you end up with a small pea-sized hole for your closure.

Step 12
Apply glue to the track of a small piece of the 4” (Color 1B) hair, and roll it up to fit the pea-sized hole. Then, apply glue to the hole, and insert the rolled up piece. Lastly, finish off by separating the hair of the closure to create a natural-looking crown.

*Brush and style the bangs as you desire! Possibilities are endless.

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