How To: Style Velvet Brazilian Roll-up

Get ready to roll up & roll out this spring with the new Velvet Brazilian Roll-up hair. Designed using the patent-pending Sheet Roll Technology, this hair is packaged in a unique structure to give you perfectly curved hair with a long-lasting bounce. Perfect for creating styles from classy and demure, to edgy and chic, Velvet Brazilian Roll-up offers limitless creative styling possibilities. This month, we created a versatile side swept style using rich blonde coloration. Read on to learn step-by-step how to create this look…

how to style a side feathered bang bob

What You Will Need:
– 1 Pack of Velvet Brazilian Roll-up 10” (Color DR27)
– 1 Pack of Velvet Brazilian Roll-up 10” (Color DR30)
– Bonding Glue
– Scissors
– Wig Cap

Step 1
We will begin with the longer 10” length (in Color DR27). First, apply glue to the track, with the flip of the hair going inside. Next, glue that first track onto the wig cap, beginning at the bottom of the nape.

Step 2
Continue building upwards, spacing each track about 1 cm apart until you reach the ear-to-ear line. Note: We’re spacing the tracks closely together here in the back, so that the final style looks full and voluminous.

Step 3
Now, for the next two tracks moving upward from the ear-to-ear line, you can space each one about 2 cm apart.

Step 4
After gluing down those two lines of tracks, we will change the direction of the flip for added flair. So, you will now apply the glue on the reverse side of the track, with the flip of the hair going outside.

This track can be shorter (approximately 3.5-4”), and will be applied at a slanted angle from the edge of the wig cap near the temple down towards the previous glued down track. First, apply one short track to one side, and then apply another short track to the other side. Then, repeat.

Step 5
Now, taking a longer track, approximately 6” long, apply it approximately 1 cm above the previous track, following the same slant, letting the piece wrap around the side of the head. Do the same for the other side.

You should see the sides of the hair around the face flaring outwards, with the bottom parts flowing inwards.

Step 6
Next, we’re going to go back to gluing the track with the flip of the hair going inside, and we will apply a piece about 8-8.5” long around in a U-shape at the back of the head.

Step 7
Then, we’re going to use the 8-8.5” long track (in Color DR30). Apply the glue on the reverse side of the track, with the flip of the hair going outside.

We will begin with the parting area by layering two rows of tracks (both flipping outwards) very close to each other, going down at an angle to blend in with the other hair.

On the other side, we will apply a short strip of track, approximately 3.5” long, down at an angle, about 2 cm away from the edge of the wig cap. This will allow room for the parting line.

Step 8
Then, place another flipped out track, approximately 7” long, from the left side, at the opening of the part, around to the other side.

Now, apply the glue on the side of the track with the flip of the hair going inside. And then apply a piece, approximately 7” in length, from where the top track on the left side ends, around to the other side.

Step 9
Using a full track, starting from the back of the head, go all the way around, in a circular motion.
Continue laying the tracks around in circle until you are left with a small, pea-sized area. Leave the small space open for the crown piece.

Step 10
To create the crown piece, take 1” of the track and apply a small amount of glue on both sides of the weft making sure the glue is on the track area only. Wait a few seconds to let the glue set, then, roll up the piece so that it’s small enough to fit inside the pea-sized area at the crown. Apply glue on the base of the crown piece, and stick it inside the pea-sized area. Spread the hair in all directions, and press the center down firmly.

Last, but not least, brush out the wig gently with your finger or a brush, so that the flips are properly in place.

When working with Velvet Brazilian Roll-up, you will find it very easy to use. First, each piece of track is neatly cut for you in a standard size. This makes it easier to manage when you’re sewing or gluing. Also, because each track is so manageable, you can easily cut it according to your needs. Second, Since the hair is already pre-styled for you, all you have to do is apply the tracks, and you’re good to go. No need to bump the hair with an iron, or cut the hair to style. Whether you’re a professional stylist or not, Velvet Brazilian Roll-up is time-saving, easy to maintain, and a breeze to style.

We want to challenge you to create a look using our Velvet Brazilian Roll-up hair. Hashtag #VelvetBrazilianRollUp and #OutreHair in your selfies with the hair for your chance to be featured on our page (@outre_hair).

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  • I’ve been to numerous beauty supply stores in my area looking for this particular brand, either they don’t know what I’m talking about or they sale some off brand hair that does even compare to the quality of the brand I like, I love outre hair because it mimics your own hair and it’s easy to blend,,, I’m so disappointed at the beauty supply stores in my area, I would love to brag/blog about it but I can’t because the stores are ridiculous.

    • Hi Tauheedee,

      Thank you for much for your love! You can find the product on online retailers’ website if your local beauty supply stores don’t carry it at all. Simply google our product and you will find a bunch of sites to shop from 🙂

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