The U-Part wig is a special type of wig designed to seamlessly blend with your natural hair for the most realistic finish.  It’s the perfect alternative to a full sew-in because the hair is installed (either sewn or glued) directly onto a wig cap, so it’s easy to install, and even easier to remove!

With a U-Part wig, since you will be leaving out a portion of your natural hair, it’s important to select the right texture hair for the wig.  For the most seamless blend, you will want to use hair that most closely matches your own hair texture.

For April’s Style of the Month tutorial, we collaborated with the fabulous Felicia Verna, a hair model and wig maker based in NYC & NJ, to create a gorgeous U-Part wig.

Read on to learn Felicia’s tips on how to blend your hair with your U-Part wig seamlessly:


Step 1

Part your hair to make sure that you have enough leave-out to blend with the wig.

Note: Try on the u-part wig first to see how it falls, and then adjust your parting accordingly.

Step 2

Section off a bit of your natural hair around your edges (aka “baby hairs”) at the front on both sides. Then, tie the rest of your hair up into a ponytail, and pin the ponytail securely with bobby pins.

Note: If your hair is longer than shoulder-length, we recommend cornrowing your hair down around the leave-out.

Step 3

Next, put the wig on from the center of the u-part, and clip it down wherever there are clips, making sure that the wig lays flat on your head.

Step 4

Part your leave-out in the direction you desire, and flat iron each section down accordingly, making sure to cover the edge of the u-part opening of the wig.

Step 5

Lastly, flat iron your leave-out together with hair from the wig so that it blends smoothly & seamlessly.

Note: Use a comb to help direct the hair when flat ironing.

Follow Felicia Verna on Instagram @FeliciaVerna for hair inspiration & so much more!

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  • Nice job Megan: quick, easy and simple. This is what busy women want and need to be able to use their time wisely.

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