Weave Hair 101: How to Wash Your Hair While Wearing a Weave

Weaves are a fantastic protective styling option that allow you to wear any hairstyle (long, short, curly, or straight), while protecting your own natural hair from damage. But in order to ensure that your natural hair continues to grow healthy and strong, you MUST take care of your scalp and your hair under the weave. Proper natural hair care includes: thoroughly washing underneath the weave (2x/month), and moisturizing the scalp with natural oils (as needed).

Read on to learn the simplest method for washing your own hair (while wearing a weave), which involves only 4 easy steps:

how to wash your own hair while wearing a weave

Step 1
Separate hair into 4 quadrants, twirl each into a bun, and use clips to hold each in place.
Step 2
Use a spray bottle/applicator bottle with diluted shampoo. Spray/squeeze the bottle to apply into your scalp. Rinse thoroughly.
Step 3
Use a spray bottle/applicator bottle with diluted conditioner. Spray/squeeze the bottle to apply into your scalp. And then release the clips and use a wide tooth comb to detangle your weave. Rinse thoroughly.
Step 4
Use a hooded dryer or air dry completely.

Do you wash your scalp/hair while wearing a weave? If so, please share your experience with us in a comment below!

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    • Hi Olyinlola!

      Our QuickWeave ROXY is a gorgeous, voluminous, curly styled half-wig, and proper care is essential.

      Here are some quick tips:
      – Always remove the wig at night, and keep it on a wig stand so that it keeps its shape & form.
      – No products! That will only cause build-up and weigh down the hair.
      – Instead of washing the hair to revive the curls, you can use a mixture of conditioner & water to spray on the hair.

      Hope you find this helpful!

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