Weave Hair 101: How To Use a Weave Net

Have you ever felt your weave tugging on your cornrows? This means that it’s pulling on your natural hair, which will cause stress and tension that can lead to further damage. One quick solution is to use a weave net. Simply sew the net over your cornrows, and sew your weave onto the net. Not only will this provide a flatter base, it will also protect your natural hair by taking some of the pressure off of it. And as an added perk, using a weave net makes it super easy to remove your weave once you’re ready to take it out! 😉

what is a weave net and why you need a weave net

But how do you take care of your natural hair while wearing a weave net? Taking care of your natural hair underneath is just as important as taking care of the weave itself. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to keep your natural hair & scalp clean and moisturized while wearing a weave net:

  1. Fill an applicator bottle with a mixture of shampoo + water.
  2. While showering, lift your tracks and squeeze the bottle to apply the mixture into your scalp.
  3. Rinse out the shampoo mixture thoroughly.
  4. Use the same method with a mixture of conditioner + water into your scalp, and let it absorb into your hair under a shower cap.
  5. For extra moisture, use a spray moisturizer. Simply lift your tracks and spray the moisturizer into your scalp.
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