Weave Hair 101: How to Unmangle and Detangle Your Weave

We’ve all been there before – struggling with a mangled up mess of weave.  But don’t let your frustrations bog you down!  We came up with a simple and foolproof way to unmangle & detangle a jumble of weave.  It’s tangle-free guaranteed! Read on and follow these simple steps to detangle your weave easily!

*Note: For optimal results, we recommend our secret ingredient: TLC. We found that the more gentle you are with your weave, the more it will cooperate with you. 😉

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Step 1: Gently brush your hair from tips to roots to unmangle any tangles.
Step 2: Spritz a section of the hair with a mixture of water & conditioner.
Step 3: Gently brush hair from tips to roots and smooth out the hair.
Step 4: Let the hair air dry completely before styling the hair again!

It’s that simple! Free yourself from those bothersome snags and snarls of hair today with these steps, and let us know how it goes in a comment below!

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    • Hey Cheryl!

      Great question. We recommend a 2:1 ratio of water:condition – 2 parts water 1 part conditioner. The solution should be a diluted conditioner mix, so it will be a bit watery. You can use any conditioner, but a “moisturizing conditioner” or a “deep conditioner” would be best for unmangling.

      Let us know how it goes!

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