The Vixen Sew-In has been all the rage. And while it truly is an innovative technique for installing weaving hair, it’s not necessarily suitable for everyone!

Read on to learn about the PROs and CONs of the Vixen Sew-In…

Vixen Sew-in


  • Fantastic Styling Versatility

What makes the Vixen Sew-In so popular is that it allows for so much styling versatility. Whether she wants to wear her hair up in a ponytail or bun, down in pigtail braids, or simply all down, she can do it all & so much more.

  • Totally Seamless Look

Since the Vixen Sew-In technique blends your own natural hair with the weave, the finished look is so seamless that it looks even more realistic than traditional sew-in’s.

  • Easy Breezy Maintenance

Maintaining a weave can be very complicated, but it’s a breeze with the Vixen Sew-In. Since the hair is already separated into quadrants, all you have to do is pull the hair into bantu knots, buns, or a neat braid at night. Also, since there is a significant portion of natural hair left out around the perimeter and across the middle section(s) of your scalp, it’s easier to wash and moisturize.



  • Hot Heat Exposure

There is a lot of natural hair leave-out with the Vixen Sew-In. And if that leave-out needs to be smoothed down with a flat iron, there will be a greater chance of heat damage to the hair, so it must be well protected. Because heat is so damaging to your natural hair, you must apply some sort of protection to the leave-out before styling with heat. Additionally, we highly recommend deep conditioning the leave-out to keep the hair hydrated and moisturized at least once per week.

  • Uneven Hair Health

With most of your natural hair braided down and protected, and some of your hair left out and exposed, the health of your hair may become uneven, depending on how much heat you apply, and how well you care for your hair. On the other hand, if your natural hair matches the texture of the weave seamlessly, you will not have to apply any (or as much) heat to your natural hair, and your hair health can be maintained evenly.

  • Not for Everyone

The length and health of your natural hair will determine if you are a candidate for the Vixen Sew-In. If the natural hair along the perimeter of your head + middle sections of your scalp are not as long as the hair you are installing, or if it is too damaged or weak, we highly recommend not using this installation method.


When choosing your hair installation method, we always recommend speaking with a hair professional first. He/She will be able to determine what will be best for you!


#ASKOutre >> Do you have any questions about weave or wigs? Leave us a comment below, and we’ll get back to you with our professional answer! 😉

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  • My hair is not heat damage at all but it’s a little even by like an inch is that one or is it not good and my bangs are shorter than my natural hair so ???

  • Hi Angelz!

    That’s why we offered more than silky texture for a perfect match.

    Natural Yaki is more for relaxed hair, and perm yaki mimics the blow out texture 🙂 You can also do vixen sew in with curly textures so it matches your own natural hair texture 🙂

  • I got curly hair so therefore all I have to do is wet my hair to get it to curl up or French braid it overnight which is totally not a big deal for me . if you don’t want to put any heat in your hair then you should definitely get curly hair

    • Are you looking for straight texture or curly texture?

      Our Velvet Brazilian Yaki collection offers three different yaki texture from more fine texture to kinky straight texture. If you are looking for straight texture to sew in, this line will match your texture perfectly 🙂

  • what if i wear wavy or straight weave and not use heat on the leave out and only use moisturizer to blend in the hair, is that okay? do i have to use heat for the leave out?

    • If you don’t want to use heat on leave out, we would recommend choose a curly texture that close to your own hair texture to do the vixen sew in 🙂 In order to match your hair texture with straight or wavy hair, you should blow out or flat iron your own hair to create wavy or straight texture.

  • Hi Antoinette!

    You can use castor oil on your edges to help the hair grow back. For the summertime, we would recommend wearing a crochet wig. We carry a few different styles of crochet wigs.

    You can also check out TastePink’s video on how to create your own crochet wig:

    Hope you find these tips helpful!

    • Hi Kiara,

      It always depend on how full you would like the hair to be, and your head size. We would recommend 2.5 to 3 packs of hair 🙂

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