Three P’s for Vibrant Color

One very frequently asked question we receive is: How do I maintain my color-treated hair so that it lasts? Well, we have a very easy-to-remember answer for you! Follow the 3P’s: Pre-Treat, Protect, and Preserve to have gorgeous, vibrant colored hair!

Hair Tips and Tricks for maintaining color-treated hair

Pre-Treat your hair with a deep conditioning treatment once per week to prevent hair from drying out and looking dull. Afterwards, be sure to rinse with cold to warm water, not hot water to keep the color intact.

Protect your hair with products to prevent color fading and hair damage from the sun, such as sulfate-free, color-protecting shampoos, and hair sunscreen.

Preserve your color by limiting the use of heat tools, or be sure to use a heat protectant beforehand.

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