Perfect Hair for a Vixen Sew-In

Known for its versatility in styling, and the most seamless, natural finish, the Vixen Sew-In has become the most in-demand installation method of the year! Whatever your hair texture, this method can work for you with the right tools in hand. The key to a flawless Vixen Sew-In is all about selecting the right ingredient – the hair. The hair must be a perfect match to your own for it to blend seamlessly and look totally natural. OUTRE’s new Velvet Brazilian collection was designed to match a range of natural textures, from a light Yaki texture to a more coarse Yaki texture, so that you can find the one that matches your hair perfectly.

Read on to learn why our Velvet Brazilian hair is the perfect hair for the Vixen Sew-In…

why Velvet Brazilian is perfect for a vixen sew in

What is the Vixen Sew-In?

The Vixen Sew-In is a weaving installation method that allows for extra versatility in wearing and styling. What makes this unique is how seamless and undetectable the weave becomes. For the Vixen Sew-In, the “leave-out” is first sectioned off and braided along the perimeter and cross-sections of the client’s head. This is the hair that will eventually be blended in with the weave. Then, the rest of the hair is cornrowed within the perimeter and cross-sections, to create a base for the actual weave to be sewn onto. After the weave is completely installed, the leave-out sections are unbraided, and flat ironed to blend with the weave. Because the hair is installed in this way, the weave becomes easy to style. The Vixen Sew-In allows for greater styling versatility, so women can wear their hair in a ponytail, high bun, pigtails, half-up/half-down, all down, & so much more…

Reasons why Velvet Brazilian is perfect for the Vixen Sew-In:

Reason #1: Perfect YAKIMatch

Since the Vixen Sew-In requires a lot of leave-out, the stylist must be able to blend the client’s hair to the weave perfectly. Since every woman has a different straight hair texture, we are offering 3 different texture options to perfectly match her own. Some women have a relaxed hair texture, some women have a thicker, coarse texture, etc. By providing different options, women will be able to find a perfect match that will blend seamlessly with her own hair.

Reason #2: Precision Cut Weft

For a more comfortable and seamless finish, stylists will finish off the Vixen Sew-In by trimming the “beard.” The “beard” refers to the short hairs that are folded over along the weft. If the “beard” is left untrimmed, the short hairs will stick out and/or irritate the client’s scalp. Our Velvet Brazilian already comes with a pre-trimmed “beard” for the stylist’s convenience, and the client’s comfort.

Reason #3: Strong & Durable Hair for Styling Versatility

What women love about the Vixen Sew-In is how versatile styling their hair can be. They can pull their hair up into a ponytail or high bun, or wear their hair half up and half down, or style their hair with waves & curls. Whatever style she wants to create, Velvet Brazilian is strong and durable enough to withstand the heat and/or tension from styling because it’s made with healthy 100% Remi Human Hair.

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    • Hi Lonni,

      Vixen sew in is designed to leave out your own natural hair to achieve different natural looking styles. So no leave out is not possible with vixen sew in.

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