Nylon Thread VS. Cotton Thread for Weaves

Thread for weaves: nylon thread vs cotton thread

What’s the difference between installing a weave using NYLON versus COTTON thread to attach the weft of the hair extensions to your hair?

nylon thread vs cotton thread


Recently, NYLON thread has become the stylist’s thread of choice. This is because NYLON thread is strong, thin, and almost invisible, so it’s great for long-lasting and seamless sew-in’s. Additionally, many stylists have found that because its plastic-like construction is slick and smooth, the thread does not absorb any moisture, which can cause mildewing and mold in the weave. Also, with NYLON thread, it’s less likely to tangle and knot up while sewing in the weave because it’s so smooth.


On the other hand, COTTON thread tends to break more easily, and is more prone to getting caught in the hair while sewing. And when it comes to moisture, COTTON thread is not ideal because it can swell up when submerged in water (i.e. when washing your hair). This means it will take longer time to dry completely, which may cause an unpleasant odor, and a greater likelihood of soaking in dirt and oil from the scalp.

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    • Hi Roswell,

      Nylon thread is usually perfectly slick and smooth, while cotton thread sometimes has small pieces coming out. Nylon thread also has more shine than cotton thread.

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