The most helpful advice we can give to weave wearers is about how to prevent your weave from shedding.  While all hair sheds, whether it’s your own natural hair or not, there are ways to minimize weave shedding when wearing a weave.  Celebrity stylist Brandan Combs gladly shares his expert tips & tricks on how to do that below.

Based in the heart of Atlanta, Brandan Combs is a stylist with flair & finesse who has earned the reputation of a stylist with the skills to execute his client’s vision to the next level. With his expertise and passion, Brandan Combs has mastered the art of hair, and has become an expert of all things related to weave installation, wig making, hair styling techniques, and hair maintenance. In collaboration with OUTRE, he will be sharing his knowledge to educate our fans on how to really make the most of the hair you wear.

Read on to learn more about how to prevent your weave from shedding…

hairT&TAs a stylist, how do you prevent hair from shedding when installing a weave on your client?

To prevent the hassles of shedding, I always suggest not to cut the weft during [my clients’] install. If we do not cut the weft, the integrity of the weft will be maintained, which allows no room for shedding, and protects the investment of your weave.

If you have a weave installed, and it begins shedding, what is the first thing you should do?

If you experience shedding when you first get your install, I suggest waiting about a week — the  shedding should stop. If the shedding does not stop, put weft sealer along the weft of the hair.

What are your thoughts on weft sealers?

I adore weft sealers. I definitely use it if the bundles do not come pre-sealed, or if there is an instance where my client is having some shedding issues. I would recommend weft sealers to anyone that is having a shedding issue.

Are there any specific styling or installation techniques to prevent hair from shedding?

The most important installation technique is maintaining the integrity of the weft by not cutting the weft during an install.


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