Summer is finally here, and we’ve got the low-down on everything you need to know about how to care for your weave so that it looks fresh & beautiful all summer long.

Based in the heart of Atlanta, Brandan Combs is a stylist with flair & finesse who has earned the reputation of a stylist with the skills to execute his client’s vision to the next level. With his expertise and passion, Brandan Combs has mastered the art of hair, and has become an expert of all things related to weave installation, wig making, hair styling techniques, and hair maintenance. In collaboration with OUTRE, he will be sharing his knowledge to educate our fans on how to really make the most of the hair you wear.

He shares his summer weave tips & tricks with us below:


During the hot & humid summer months, wearing a weave can get sweaty, smelly, itchy, and matted. How do you prevent all of this?
Cleanliness is next to Godliness. During these hot & humid summers, you have to take special care of your scalp because your hair can easily mildew from the sweat and oils released from your body.

I suggest having a u-part wig made for the summer months. With this method you get the benefit of wearing extensions (with your own hair left out to ensure that it looks natural), but you are still able to take it out at night, which gives your hair and scalp time to breathe.

What kinds of weaves would you recommend wearing in the summertime?
Summertime is a great moment to have fun with curly hair. I suggest to many of my clients (especially for vacation) to try the Simply Brazilian Natural Curly hair, with the Simply Brazilian Natural Curly Hand-Tied Lace Parting Piece by Outre. Simply Brazilian is 100% non-processed hair, so you can have fun with color, and you can play around with volume with the fun curls.

When going to the beach or pool, what should you do before getting in the water, and after getting out of the water?
Going to the beach with your extensions can be awesome. If you have non-processed hair, you get the benefit of getting in the water and getting out without your hair becoming a full afro. However, after getting out of the pool, I suggest applying a light oil on your hair to help with any dryness from the sun. Other than that, just brush through your hair to prevent tangles and towel dry.

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