How To: Maintain X-Pression Curly Crochet Braids

So, you crochet braided your hair. Now what? Proper maintenance of your crochet braids will ensure a longer lasting, beautiful hairstyle. We’ll show you how!

Read on to learn our quick tips on curly crochet braid maintenance.


Tip #1: Moisturize.

Not too much, but not too little. Being that the hair is made of premium synthetic fibers, it is soft and manageable like human hair, but it is not human hair. Do not saturate the hair in too much water. Instead, use a light hair lotion or oil to help moisturize the hair. And don’t forget about your own natural hair while you’re wearing this protective style! Do moisturize your cornrows and your scalp using tea tree oil, which is hydrating and healing to the hair and scalp.

Tip #2: Prep & Wrap.

Always prep and wrap your curly crochet braids before going to bed to maintain the hair’s longevity, and to keep it looking neat in the morning, so can you just shake it out, and go! Before going to bed, we recommend wearing a satin scarf or sleeping on a satin pillow. This will ensure that your curly crochet braids are protected.

If you have any questions about the tips we shared above, let us know in a comment below.

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*Create endless crochet braided styles using Outre’s newest series of X-Pression curly hair. The bouncy spiral-like curls come in extra long lengths for extra versatility, and the soft, but not too soft texture of the hair is perfect for long-lasting crochet braids.

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  • I purchased the X-Pression Deep Twist crochet hair & I love it! I only have 1 problem…the slight tangling and dryness at the ends. I purchased the color LT4/2730, & the ends tangled more & was terribly dry. What oil do you suggest to keep my crochets moisturized & less tangled? I plan on purchasing the hair again, but next time around I want to ensure that it stays moisturized so that the hair lasts longer. All in all I love the hair. I don’t plan on using any other brand of hair for my crochet braids other than Outre X-Pression. 🙂

  • I’m completely in love with this hair (I have the Senegalese x-large twist)! I just got it installed yesterday, however some of the twist started to become a little loose. I should have left it alone because I still loved the natural look and texture however i decided to dip it in hot water thinking I’m dealing it but instead I have completely ruined it. The twist aren’t as thick, texture is different and the ends are bone straight and starting to unravel….and thoughts, suggestions?

    • Hi Ceceilia,

      The hot water might make the twist looser due to heaviness of moisture. We would recommend using a dry towel to hold the ends after you dip it in hot water. In this way, the hair will dry very quickly so it will not get loose. There is also regular burn and seal method instead of using hot water.

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