Outre recently released the Big Beautiful Hair collection, which offers a great deal of versatility for kinky, coily, and curly textures alike. The styles in this line draw inspiration from the recognized hair typing system, but are presented in a simplified format with only three signature curl patterns. The styles are 3C Whirly, 4A Kinky and 4C Coily, which are most appealing because of their natural-looking texture and appearance. The 3C Whirly pattern is curly, but distinct in that it is the loosest wave pattern, while the 4A Kinky is a good medium in that it is more tightly curled, but not nearly as coiled as the 4C Coily, which closely resembles an ultra-defined spiral curl.

I’ve had the opportunity to review all three of the different styles, and I must say, they are indeed worth the hype. If you’ve managed to get your hands on this Big Beautiful Hair (because it’s selling out FAST), be sure to keep those curls gorgeous and lively. While taming such big hair might seem like a daunting task, the maintenance routine is far from extensive. Here are 5 simple methods to make sure your style last and last, to help boost volume, tame frizz, and preserve curl definition..

While I am making references to the 3C Whirly style, please keep in mind, these maintenance techniques can be adapted for each of the styles within the line, with minor adjustments.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) Rinse 
Synthetic hair can have minor residue or a slight fragrance that might irritate persons with sensitive skin/scalp. Cleansing the hair (even synthetic hair) is still very important. By soaking the unit in lukewarm water with conditioner and 2 teaspoons of ACV, this clarifying process helps to cleanse the hair and thus, protect your scalp. I’ve also found that the ACV rinse creates a more natural luster and makes it easier to finger detangle.

2. Finger Detangle
Big Beautiful Hair Finger Detangle
I strongly discourage the use of styling tools to manipulate and volumize your style. Being too rough on your hair can lead to unwanted shedding. Believe me; your fingers are most effective at separating the curls. The use of combs and brushes can create unruly frizz and even reduce curl definition. For a well-defined finish, finger detangle in medium sized sections at a time.
Note: Finger detangle with caution, this hair can get pretty big!

3. Give it a trim
how to take care of big beautiful hair curly hair
Every unit requires a bit of customization, to best suit your face shape. I encourage trimming the ends of the unit to give way to a more refined look. When creating a unit using hair extensions (as seen with the 3C Whirly), it’s important to create the appearance of layers. Be sure to trim the 3C whirly by means of a blunt cut. This means avoid holding your hair shears on an angle. Keep the shears perpendicular to the length of the hair and make a clean cut across. Thank me later!

4. Don’t use mousse or oils on this Big Beautiful Hair
Simplify your maintenance routine and keep your product use to a minimum. Mousse and oils only weigh down the hair and can give rise to build up. Such products may create tangles, making finger detangling more difficult. Simply mist the hair with water to awaken those springy curls, plus it adds a natural sheen.

5. Take it off
how to take care of big beautiful hair curly hair
If you’re anything like me, you’ve fallen in love with your style and find it hard to part ways. I completely understand. However, it’s best to store your hair on a mannequin head, an uncluttered shelf, or within a satin bonnet/scarf. There is nothing wrong with taking good care of your hair. After all, you want it to last and last, so remove it before a night’s rest.

Hopefully these tips will allow you to keep your hair looking as good as new in the days or even weeks to come. For more styling and maintenance suggestions, check out my review of all 3 textures on my YouTube channel:tastePINK ( And alas, may you feel bold in your big beautiful hair.

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