How To: Lay Your Edges

Whether you call them “baby hairs” or “edges”, learn how to get them laid without damaging them!

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Step 1
Spray the perimeter of your hair with water from your spray bottle

Step 2
Use your hard brush to bring your baby hairs forward. You will know it’s the baby hairs because they are the shorter hair aligning around the front of your hairline.

Step 3
As your edges are still damp use an edge control or gel of your choice apply it to your edges.

Step 4
Your edges should now be visible and saturated in gel. Depending on the look you are going for you are going to want to brush it in a fishhook motion going back in the direction away from your face. This will make your edges look soft and curly like Chili from TLC.

Step 5
Take a satin hair scarf and tie it down tightly on your edges for 15-20 minutes.

Voila your edges will look like they’ve been slayed and laid by the hair gods themselves!

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