How to Create Heatless Waves

Heat-free’s the way to be… if healthy hair is what you’re after. Heat tools are wonderful for quickly styling your hair, but it can be oh-so damaging after repeated uses. So, we came up with our Top 3 ways to create gorgeous, lasting waves WITHOUT any heat.

Before trying out any of these methods, make sure your hair has been thoroughly cleaned so that there are no product build-ups in your hair. To do this, shampoo and condition your hair as usual and let your hair air dry. When it is almost dry, but still slightly damp, your hair will be ready to be styled!

How to protect your hair from heat damage - tips to create heatless wave from Outre

Method #1: Flexirods
Take a section of your hair, and wrap the section around the rods from tip to root. After the entire section of the hair is wrapped around the rod, roll it up towards your scalp, and make sure it is securely attached to your hair. Repeat this method to the rest of your hair. And leave the rods in overnight, with your hair secured under a satin wrap or bonnet.

Method #2: Pin-Up Curls
Take a section of your hair and wrap it around your fingers. Roll it up towards the root of your hair, and use a hair clip or bobby pin to secure the curl. Repeat this method to the rest of your hair. And sleep with the pinned-up curls overnight.

Method #3: Overnight Braids
Take a section of your damp hair and braid using the basic three strand braid method. Secure the braid with an elastic hairband. Repeat this method to the rest of your hair, and leave the braids in overnight.

* After taking out the flexirods/pins/braids, gently finger-comb through your hair to maintain the curls’ shape.
* If you would like to achieve a loose wavy style, use a paddle brush to gently brush out the curls.

Try out one of these methods, and leave us a comment below or on Facebook about how the hair turned out!

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