How To: Clean Your Curly Weave

How To: Clean Your Curly Weave

Let’s talk about curly hair.

Due to the many twists and turns of curly textured hair, curly weaves are naturally drier than straight hair, so they require extra tender love and care. We highly recommend washing and deep conditioning your curly weave at least once a week to keep it looking fresh and fabulous. However, if you are currently in a mangled mess, no worries. It’s fixable!

Check out the hair we brought back to life below. Isn’t that incredible? Read on to learn how to wash and clean your curly weave the correct way.

What you will need:

  • Soft Paddle Brush
  • Clean Towel
  • Shampoo
  • Deep Conditioner
  • Spray Bottle

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Step 1
Before washing your curly weave, use a soft paddle brush and gently brush the hair from tips to roots to detangle any knots.
*Don’t worry! Brushing curly hair before washing won’t ruin the curl pattern. But for daily wear, you should only finger comb the hair.

Step 2
Spray the hair with a mixture of conditioner and water, and gently finger comb the mixture through the hair.

Step 3
Dilute shampoo in a basin of water, and let the hair soak in it for 5~10 minutes. Then, gently rinse the hair thoroughly.

Step 4
Next, dilute deep conditioner in a basin of water, and let the hair soak for 30 minutes~1 hour. Curly textured hair is drier than other textured hair. So it is very important to conditioning the hair thoroughly.
* You can also apply deep conditioner onto the hair directly and wrap it in a shower cap for 30 minutes~1 hour.

Step 5
After rinsing the hair, pat dry with a clean towel and scrunch the curls back into place from the bottom up. Then, apply a small amount of light essence or natural oil while the hair is damp. Lay the hair flat on a clean dry towel and let it air dry completely.

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  • Hi Amber,

    Yes, this will work too when you are wearing the hair.

    Just follow the steps and for the deep conditioning part, you can apply deep conditioner and carefully wrap your hair in a shower cap for 30 minutes. And make sure do not rub the hair with your hands or towel 🙂

      • You can use a towel to pat dry instead of rubbing the hair in the towel. Rubbing will cause tangling when the hair is wet.

        After patting with a towel, we would recommend let it air dry. If you are in a rush, make sure you blow dry at a very low heat setting.

        • Hi, I washed my outre bohemian curls last night and then let it air dry but instead of the pretty pattern it had before, it’s now just poofy frizzy and Afro like. Is there anyway to fix this or do I need to take my sew in out

          • Hi Brianna,

            Did you scrunch the curls with your fingers when you wash the hair? It will help to retain the curl patterns and make it nice and neat.

            Here are some tips to try for your hair:
            1. Use a paddle brush to detangle the hair from tips to root.
            2. Spritz a mixture of water and conditioner to the hair to soften the curls.
            3. Wet the hair with water, and apply a hydration conditioner and let the hair sit for 20 mins. Because you just washed the hair, this is just a deep conditioning treatment to give the hair extra moisture.
            4. Rinse out the conditioner thoroughly.
            5. After rinsing the hair, pat dry the hair with a towel and scrunch the curls back into the place. And then, apply a small amount of natural oil or hair essence and let the hair air dry.

    • Hi Kenya,

      Yes, it’s basically the same method! With straight hair, after spritz a mixture of conditioner and water, you can use a wide tooth comb to brush from tips to root to smooth out the hair.

      Hope you find this helpful!

  • Hi

    I was wondering if this will work with human hair the hair is 100% human I think it is peruvian?
    Also my weave is installed but i have a cap underneath :/

    • Hi Janisha!

      To wash your hair extensions with your weave sewn in, let the water from your shower head run down the hair extensions, and gently use a small amount of shampoo from the tips to the roots to thoroughly cleanse the hair. Afterwards, we recommend using a deep conditioner to hydrate the hair, and again, let the water run downwards to rinse the conditioner out.

      To remedy the itchiness, I would recommend doing an Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse. This will help remove product buildup, ease a dry, itchy scalp, and thoroughly cleanse your scalp. Using an applicator bottle filled with a mix of ACV and water, generously saturate your scalp, and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing it out.

  • I just washed my Simply Natural Curly Brazilian hair while it is currently sewn in. I see that the hair mostly returned to it’s curl pattern however the curls don’t seem as tight as the original curl was; it is also frizzy. The ends have also lost a little bit of their curl, however, I see this as my own mistake because one night I allowed to to tangle up and instead of patiently untangling it, I was rough with it. Is there anyway I can fully restore the hair or is it done for?

    • Hi Kim!

      I would suggest that you detangle the hair gently and do a co-wash to give the hair extra hydration to tame the frizz.

      After rinsing your hair, you need to scrunch the curls gently with a towel or your hands. Do not rub hair with towel. That will create more frizz.

      At night, loosely twist the hair and wrap in a satin bonnet.

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