Taking proper care of your weave is absolutely essential, and we’re going to show you how with expert tips from celebrity stylist, BCOMBSHAIR (aka Brandan Combs).

Based in the heart of Atlanta, Brandan Combs is a stylist with flair & finesse who has earned the reputation of a stylist with the skills to execute his client’s vision to the next level. With his expertise and passion, Brandan Combs has mastered the art of hair, and has become an expert of all things related to weave installation, wig making, hair styling techniques, and hair maintenance. In collaboration with OUTRE, he will be sharing his knowledge to educate our fans on how to really make the most of the hair you wear.

Read on to learn more about how to care for weaves…


What does “proper weave care” mean to you?
Proper weave care means taking out the time to maintain the investment that you have purchased, while protecting the hair you received via DNA.

What do you think is the #1 issue women have when wearing weaves?
The #1 issue people have when wearing weave is realizing that you need to continue regular shampoos and conditionings with your install.

How do you know if a hair is “messed up” because of the hair itself or lack of maintenance?
To determine if the weave is “messed up” or if it is lack of maintenance, I ask my clients fact finding questions. A lot of clients like to say “the weave is the issue.” When I start asking questions, I find out that they do not tie their hair down at night. They shampoo their hair and don’t complete the proper drying time. They allow their stylist to install the weave and cut their bundles so now it is shedding. And those are just some of the things that could look as though the weave is “messed up,” but actually it is lack of maintenance on the weave wearer’s part.

How do you recommend fixing a tangled & matted weave?
You correct a tangled and/or matted weave by NEVER ALLOWING IT TO GET THAT WAY! First, determine the difference in tangles verses matting. I feel that you need new hair if it has reach a point where it is matted. However, in the case of tangled hair, I suggest brushing or combing (with a wide tooth comb). Beginning from the bottom of the weave and work your way up to ensure that you get as many tangles out prior to putting your hair in any liquid substance. This could take a while depending on the severity of the tangles. Next, use a deep conditioner throughout the hair, starting from the bottom, and use your wide tooth comb to remove the remainder of the tangles. Leave the conditioner on for about 30 mins then rinse out with cool water. Repeat these steps if needed.

What kind of products or tools do you need to detangle your weave?
To detangle your hair you need: a wide tooth comb, conditioner, water, elbow grease, and a lot of patience.

#AskBCOMBS // Do you have any questions about weaves, wigs, or hair maintenance for BCOMBS? Leave us a comment below, and we’ll get back to you with an answer from the expert. 😉

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