How To: Care for Colored Weaves

We all know how damaging bleaching and dyeing weaves can be. That’s why maintaining and caring for your colored weave is crucial. For long-lasting beautiful color, aftercare is just as important as the coloring process itself. Spend a few extra minutes a day to keep your weave looking sharp. It will totally be worth it.

Learn how to keep your color-treated weave vibrant and beautiful for longer with these tips and tricks.

tips on how to care for colored hair

Wash hair in lukewarm or cool water.
Heat is your colored weave’s biggest enemy. It will make the dye leach faster, and wash away all your hard work. After coloring your hair, we recommend washing it in lukewarm or cool water to make sure the color lasts longer.

Brush hair gently.
Hair is made of protein, and any chemical process to the hair will damage the protein in the outer cuticle layer. That’s why dyed hair is more delicate than undyed hair. Make sure you don’t brush or comb it too harshly to avoid breakage.

Keep heating tools minimal.
Using heat on your colored weave will cause the color to fade away. Heat will also dry out the hair, leaving the texture rough, and the tips dry. After washing your weave, let the hair air dry to protect from heat damage.

Use color-treated shampoo & conditioner.
Color-treated shampoos and conditioners are excellent for keeping your newly colored hair looking vibrant and shiny for longer. They are must-have products for any colorista!

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  • Hi I’m wondering if u can tell me what shampoo & conditioner to use on my virgin hair to keep it from drying out. And leave in conditioners as well. Thank you

    • Hi Fenisha,

      Here are a few good brands of shampoo and conditioner to try out: Nexxus, Redken, Dove, Tresemme & Organix. Make sure to choose a hydrating/moisture rich shampoo and conditioner. You can also deep condition your virgin hair to help hydrate the hair. Instead of leave-in conditioner, our hair specialist recommend natural oil products such as argan oil and moroccan oil. You can apply a dime size of natural oil for daily care.

  • I always have an issue when I buy hair that is always pre-colored. It becomes very dry, tangled, or has a stiff look to it. What’s a good brand of pre- colored hair to buy I heard remi velvet Indian remi was amazing but I don’t want to waste anymore mo eu on guesses. Thanks!

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