Create Lasting Curls with Outre’s BEAT Brazilian Remi

Frustrated at getting perfect and lasting curls at home? Our hairstylist shares how to create perfection in a few easy steps. It’s important to follow each step carefully to make sure you maximize your results!

What You Will Need To Get Started: 
1. BEAT Brazilian Remi Hair
2. Heat Protectant Spray
3. Ceramic Flat or Curling Iron
4. Conditioning Moisture Spray
5. Flexi Rods
6. Satin Scarf or Bonnet
7. Bristle Brush

How to create lasting curls beat brazilian remi hair

Step 1
Apply a Heat Protectant Spray onto dry hair.
**This spray will help protect the hair from the heat of the iron. 
Then, separate your hair into sections using a clip to keep the hair that you’re not curling on the side.
**Each section should be about 2-3 inches wide.

Step 2
Using a ceramic flat/curling iron, take each section and set your desired curls by wrapping the hair around the tool.

Step 3
In order to create lasting curls, spray a conditioning moisture spray and wrap each section of the hair around a flexi rod.  Since the curls are already pre-set, the hair will naturally guide itself around each rod.

Step 4
Before bed, wrap your head in a satin scarf with the flexi rods in place. Sleep tight!

Step 5
Good morning! Upon waking, release your hair from the rods, and gently brush your hair with a bristle brush.  Afterwards, carefully re-set each section of curls, style and go!
**Using a bristle brush when styling big curls helps to keep all the hair strands together.

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