This is a blog all about weaves, wigs, hair & so much more. It’s a space for hairstylists, hair enthusiasts, and anyone curious about weaves & wigs to learn, share, and be inspired.

We started this blog because we like to talk about hair… A LOT. And there just wasn’t enough room in our Facebook posts or E-Newsletters to say everything we wanted to say. Now that we have our own blog, we can talk to you freely, and more importantly, we can hear directly from you!


  • how to take care of weaves & wigs
  • the latest hairstyle trends
  • how to create gorgeous styles step-by-step
  • upcoming events and shows

Outre’s blog is dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge you need to look beautiful and feel beautiful, inside & out. Whether it’s practical tips on proper hair maintenance, or updates about upcoming events and free hair giveaways, we hope that you will be delighted and feel inspired.

So, let’s talk about hair.

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